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Multistate & Cross-Border Tax Made Simple

TravelTax specializes in preparing taxes for mobile professionals in healthcare, IT, engineering, nuclear, Canadian, international, foreign missionaries (and everybody else). We represent clients before the IRS, Canadian Revenue Agency, and state tax agencies in audits and resolutions.

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Multistate & Cross-Border Tax Made Simple

We have developed a team here at TravelTax to help our clients. If we don’t have an immediate answer to your question(s) we will find one! If the question/answers require a lengthy investment of time, we will recommend a consult with the appropriate person on our team.

As a company, TravelTax prepares thousands of tax returns a year, almost all remotely. We also spend considerable effort and energy educating our clients, so they understand the issues that pertain to tax homes, temporary contracts, reimbursements, and multi-state taxation.

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  • In 2018, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) suspended deductions for unreimbursed items like uniforms, licenses, continuing education: and for those traveling for work, meals, mileage, and lodging in excess of reimbursements. These were set to return in the 2026 tax year. Over a year ago (4/15/21), the Tax Fairness for Workers Act was […]
  • During the COVID crisis, Congress approved three stimulus packages. Like any addiction, the addict usually remembers the first experience but really can’t remember the ones that follow or recreate the “high”. The same happened with all the stimulus payments. Taxpayers have forgotten not only when they got them but how much they got (or how […]
  • Single Member LLC’s (or Limited Liability Company) explained in detail from a tax perspective!

“I recommend Traveltax.com to nurses all the time, especially new ones. They’ve told me the site’s workbook, envelopes and information helps make traveling easier to understand. Thank you for filling out my taxes. I know when you do them, they are done correctly.” Teresa

“Thank you so much! This has been the best tax experience ever!
I tell people that math makes me sad because that’s how much I dislike it, but you have made the most important math easier to tolerate.”Michelle

Thank you for ALL the great info you shared and sent for taxes. I feel like I have the info I need to get me headed in the right direction for traveling. I really appreciate it!”Rachel