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With over 20 years experience, Our specialty practice includes mobile professionals in healthcare, IT, engineering, nuclear, Canadian, international, foreign missionaries, and more.

We represent clients before the IRS, Canadian Revenue Agency, and state tax agencies in audits and resolutions, and are available year round for advice and assistance.

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In addition to English, we are able to assist clients that speak the following languages: German, Portuguese, Lithuanian, and Spanish

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Services & Education

Select your category/categories below to learn more. Each page has FAQ written in layman's terms, instructions, and workbooks for tax preparation.

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CLICK HERE for a thorough article covering of the new tax law as it pertains to the traveler... Yes, this is the one Joe talked about in the webinar. :D

Tax Preparation for Travelers Tax Preparation for Travelers

Travel Nurses, Allied Health, Locums, Engineers and other traveling professionals have unique situations. We consult, and prepare your taxes, via phone and internet. Go to our Traveler page for Workbooks, FAQs and helpful links.

Canadia-US Cross-Border
Canadian-US Cross-Border

We prepare both, US and Canadian returns. Whether emigrating, working temporarily, or just thinking about it, we can guide you through the maze without tears.

Ex-Pats and International Tax Ex-Pats and International Tax

US citizens must file regardless of residence and report financial assets. Assigned temporarily, permanently, a missionary, or working with a charity? We can help.

Small Business and "normal"  (Non-Travelers) Small Business and "normal"

You don't need to be a traveler or an ex-pat. Have a business, small corporation, rental, non-profit, or just a regular Joe? It is not out of our expertise. We still welcome you.

Audit Representation Audit Representation

We defend any return we prepare for free. Under audit and not a client? Need to resolve a tax problem? Give us a call to discuss your situation.

Staffing Agencies
Staffing Agencies

Per Diem Reimbursement Policy compliance is important. We strengthen your documentation, work-flow, and train your staff. We work with you via internet, video-conference, or in person.

Our Prices for 2019 Tax Returns

Click here for Fees for 2018 and Earlier Tax Returns

Our flat fees make us a little unusual. Everyone gets the same attention, regardless of how many W2s or interest statements they have. We call it “Tax Prep With a Brain.” All is done via phone/fax/email. Isn’t this modern world amazing? 😀

We offer significant discounts for clergy and missionaries

  • Send us your documents, we enter them into our system.
  • Next, we contact you to set a phone appointment, where we will review your year, and answer questions.
  • After the appointment, you get a copy of the proposed return for review. Usually via our secure portal, along with our bill, not due for 30 days. 😀
  • We will need you to sign your efile consent forms or follow any other final instructions.

Category/Form Description Cost
*Most common forms are highlighted
Traveler Federal Return 1040, Schedule A, 1 or 2 supporting documents. A joint return is counted as one return unless filing separately. $241

Spouse Federal

Married filing separately (added to cost of joint return) $35


Living in parents home/still in school/Federal & home state (school state if part-time job)/Max 2 W2s $25
Non-Traveler Federal Return 1040, Schedule A, 1 or 2 supporting documents. A joint return is counted as one return unless filing separately. $186

NT Spouse Federal

Married but filing separately (added to cost of joint return) $35
State Returns Each state return, including USVI $55 each state

Spouse State

Married filing separately (added to cost of joint return) $10 each state

Zero State Return

No income, filing for licensing purposes. $10
Local Return/School State local taxes, School taxes zones, RITA taxes (We do the return and upload to you to mail if they do not accept e-filing.) $24/return
Note: On Spouse If spouse is not part of a joint return, the cost is the same as an individual return. See costs for federal/state returns

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We are unable to answer questions related to the use of tax software programs.

If you haven’t heard from us within 48 to 72 hours, please email us directly at, or call us at 402-379-7818.

Talk To Us

If you are a client with questions about contracts or withholding forms, that phone call is free of charge. - - It probably comes from our years in healthcare... educate! educate! educate! If you are calling to talk about establishing or maintaining a tax home, you may schedule a tax home consult here.

Open: Monday to Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST
(Please note: On Fridays our answering service takes calls after 12 pm EST)

Phone: 402.379.7818         Canada: 902.482.8128

Send Us Documents

The most secure way to send us your documents is to utilize this link that will allow you to select your saved files and upload them via our encrypted site.

Documents are processed within 24 hours EXCEPT ANY DOCUMENTS SENT ON WEEKENDS; they will be processed Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Mail: 46 St. Mark Rd., Taylors, SC 29687
Fax: 877.872.8829

Pay Your Invoice Online

You will be directed to a separate PayPal portal page to complete the transaction. A PayPal account is not required.

Make your quarterly estimated tax payments.

Taxpayers can make electronic debit or credit card payments through our official IRS payment website, Drake e-Payment center, at Convenience fees for credit cards (1.97%) or debit cards ($2.58) will be applied at the time of payment. Use this link to make your payment.

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