Helpful Links

Below are links to websites that may help you learn and get connected to the traveler community.

The Travelers Conference

The Travelers Conference is organized and operated by fellow travelers who understand the needs of other travelers. It has no affiliation with any travel nurse company in order to maintain complete independence. TravelTax is there every year, teaching about tax issues as they pertain to travelers. It is fun for us to get to actually meet some of our clients! Click the button for their site. Go There

The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers

The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers is the national association for traveling healthcare professionals. As an Association member, all the resources and expertise of the association are available to you, including valuable content, resources, tools, and services including legal aid. Go There

Delphi Forums

A good chat spot for travelers. Large volume of daily posts with travelers who have been on the road for years. The search tool is invaluable in finding regular topics for learning. At the home page, search for “travel nurse” there are several travel forums to choose from. Go There

Highway Hypodermics by Epstein LaRue

Highway Hypodermics by Epstein LaRue There is no end in sight for the nursing shortage. As the need for nurses grows, so does the usage of traveling nurses. Only through education can these nurses be properly prepared for their next travel nursing assignment. Go There

The Gypsy Nurse

“The Gypsy Nurse is the leading resource for the travel nurse and the traveling healthcare professional seeking comprehensive and trusted information about traveling employment opportunities. Our mission is to provide you with the essential tools to help navigate your course and to make the most of each opportunity. We are a growing community and we look forward to having you join us on this journey.” Go There

Laura Lattimer / Nomadicare

Founder of Nomadicare, passionate about road trips, peanut butter and sunny days. She has been a traveling occupational therapist for the past 5 years. Her travel mantra is “Experience over money. Integrity over ego. And when all else fails: just do the next nice thing”. Go There

Travel Nursing Central

A “one-stop-shop” for all travelers. Having a travel nursing career is a great way to see the country and become a better nurse at the same time, but it is not always easy to know where to start. That’s why Travel Nursing Central is here. As a leading source of travel nursing company reviews from travelers just like you, Travel Nursing Central is a source you can count on.” Go There

Travel Nurse Circles

“We designed Travel Nurse Circles with the help of some of the most experienced and enthusiastic travel nurses we know. They told us what’s important to you and we did our best to respond by providing you with best-of-breed solutions for everything from secure document storage to housing information and travel tips.” Go There

Blue Pipes

BluePipes is committed to providing healthcare professionals with a professional networking platform so they can manage their careers more effectively and efficiently. We provide services designed to address your unique career challenges including license and certification management, continuing education, skills evaluation, and document management. Go There


Nursesbnb was built by nurses, for nurses and other healthcare professionals, just for that purpose. Traveling healthcare professionals, especially, are faced with the peculiar challenge of finding accommodations that cater to their demanding and irregular schedules. Nursesbnb allows healthcare workers around the country to easily find accommodations from hosts located close to medical facilities, who cater exclusively to their lifestyle. Go There


Here is a direct link to the current GSA tables. Go There


CHARITABLE DONATIONS. This will link to one of their donation value pages. They have multiple sites, so if you cannot find what you need on this list, Google around a bit to find another list. Go There

Salvation Army

CHARITABLE DONATIONS. This will link to one of their donation value pages. They have multiple sites, so if you cannot find what you need on this list, Google around a bit to find another list. Go There