Staffing Agencies

We have serviced the Healthcare Staffing Industry, for over 20 years and we are keenly aware of the needs of “contingent” professionals and their employers. Whether you provide staffing for the healthcare, nuclear, engineering, IT, or another industry, our reimbursement/per diem policy services can help you with:

  • Reimbursement/per diem policy formulation
  • Review of current documents related to your reimbursement policy
  • In house or teleconference recruiter/staff training to help implement changes to your existing policy or provide annual training courses for new staff

Please contact us for further information on how we can serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recruiters are one of your most important assets. If a traveler finds a recruiter they trust, they will be loyal to that recruiter. Facilitating that relationship not only provides a source of new travelers (travelers are very vocal about great recruiters), it reduces the “soft costs” associated with the processing of a new employee.

One of the many items a recruiter has to explain is your reimbursement/per diem policy. Travelers are understandably confused over their travel, lodging, and meal per diems/allowances, how these fit into their paycheck and how they qualify. Many do not even know where to start to look for information in these areas and often in the rush of signing contracts, they will ask their recruiters for advice on how to fill out their tax home statements, W4, and other forms.

While it is always best to direct them to a tax professional, the recruiting staff should understand your policies. Our training helps to ensure that what is said (and what is not said) is correct, reduces your risk and we can help avoid the myriad of myths and rumors propagated by your competition.

Our founder is one of the primary contributors/editors to NATHO’s tax best practices paper. After the training, we continue to be a resource for your staff, answering any questions that arise and welcome any travelers you refer to us for assistance with their tax filings or even the random question.

Recruiter In-Services are available in multiple forms: Live (where we come to you) or online. Please contact us for more information.

We have accumulated a trove of cases, rulings, advisories and audit intelligence over the many years that we have served the staffing industries.  Reimbursement practices are heavily audited and contribute to a significant portion of the “Tax Gap” the IRS wishes to close.  Developing a robust reimbursement policy for your company, and implementing the workflow to make that policy work, is a complicated affair that requires much thought.  Joseph Smith, TravelTax’s founder, serves on the compliance committee of the National Association of Travel Health Organizations (NATHO) and is a significant contributor to the Tax Policy Best Practices and its complimentary documents for travelers.

Our Tax Home Consult was developed to meet the needs of travelers who want a professional review of their tax home obligations.  A valid tax home is necessary for per diems/stipends to be treated as tax-free reimbursements.

We have tax home consults for both US/domestic and International clients.

Please note: A tax home consult is not to prepare taxes!

It is amazing how many fine details are involved when you start a business! You think it will be just a matter of keeping records of income and expenditures, then you find out you are responsible for following hundreds of regulations you never knew existed. When you go to read these regulations, you don’t even understand the terms they use to define the regulations. A double disadvantage.

Yes, we can help. Since so much of our tax business involves education, we can start at the beginning and explain the tax issues step by step. Give us a call to schedule your staffing agency consult!