Ex-Pats and International Tax

Workbook and Forms

ALL US citizens & Green Card holders are required to file every year and disclose financial assets.


Our 2021 Client Workbook is AVAILABE below!  For us to do your taxes, the workbook needs to be completed and submitted to us (put N/A in any section(s) that do not apply to you). A wise traveler will download it on their first assignment and document each assignment as you go through the year. Trust us, it is much easier that way. In the process of filling it out, you will learn what records need to be kept.


  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program on your computer (it is a free download, no sign up/password required).
  • Save the workbook on your computer.
  • Open the workbook from the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program (just installing it isn’t enough, open workbook from there).
  • Type and save workbook as often as you need to using Adobe Reader
  • If all else fails, you may print it out and fill out by hand.

(Mac users: Do not fill out workbook in Apple Preview mode as it will not save your work and will print it out blank.)

2021 Workbook

FBAR – Federal Bank Reporting

All non-residents present more than 183 days in the US, US citizens, and Green card holders with more than 10K in the aggregate outside of the US (including retirement accounts) must complete this form. This even includes accounts that you may only have signatory authority.

FBAR Reporting

Cryptocurrency Accounting

If you have cryptocurrency that you need to account for please make sure to check out link below! Accointing is a partner and they’re giving our customers a 20% discount if you use link below when you use their services!

Accointing (Crypto)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you are claiming a tax home in another country, that country has the right to tax worldwide income. You may be entitled to tax credits and exclusions based on your situation. Usually, you will not get double taxed. The tax treaties are in place to account for this.

Yes, but only if they consider the income in both countries. You cannot file returns in a vacuum reporting only US income to the US and vice versa. We prefer to do both to ensure accuracy.  Our fee includes doing both because we still must do the work even if we do not submit the return.  So why pay TravelTax and someone else to do the same work? 🙂

Yes, though the treaty will decide functional residency for tax purposes.

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