Canadian-US Cross-Border

Please note: Due to the complex nature of cross-border returns, the Canadian return filing process could take a couple of months.
Also, there are specific filing situations that could require longer filing times (we will break those down in our FAQs soon).

Workbook, Receipt Envelope & Crypto Reporting


Our 2021 Canadian Workbook is AVAILABLE below! If you fill this Canadian workbook out, that’s the only one you have to fill out for us!  For us to do your taxes, the workbook needs to be completed and submitted to us (put N/A in any section(s) that do not apply to you). A wise traveler will download it on their first assignment and document each assignment as you go through the year. Trust us, it is much easier that way. In the process of filling it out, you will learn what records need to be kept.


  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program on your computer (it is a free download, no sign up/password required).
  • Save the workbook on your computer.
  • Open the workbook from the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program (just installing it isn’t enough, open workbook from there).
  • Type and save workbook as often as you need to using Adobe Reader
  • If all else fails, you may print it out and fill out by hand.

(Mac users: Do not fill out workbook in Apple Preview mode as it will not save your work and will print it out blank.)

If you have your business records in Excel/QuickBooks format, you can upload those to us and note that in the workbook.

2021 US-Canadian Cross-Border Workbook

FBAR – Federal Bank Account Reporting

All US citizens, Green card holders and nonresidents who are present more than 183 days in the US, with more than 10K in the aggregate outside of the US (including retirement accounts) must complete this form. This even includes accounts that you may only have signatory authority.


Cryptocurrency Accounting

If you have cryptocurrency that you need to account for please make sure to check out link below! Accointing is a partner and they’re giving our customers a 20% discount if you use link below when you use their services!

Accointing (Crypto)
Open Video iFrame Basic Canadian Tax Filing Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, though the treaty will decide functional residency for tax purposes

Days spent in the US is not important, so long as the ties to the other country are sufficient to remain a resident of that nation. Tax treaties trump domestic law so the rules governing tax residence may be based on your treaty claim.

Yes, if you are claiming a tax home in another country, that country has the right to tax worldwide income. You may be entitled to tax credits and exclusions based on your situation.

Yes, but only if they consider the income in both countries. You cannot file returns in a vacuum reporting only US income to the US and vice versa. We prefer to do both to ensure accuracy.  Our fee includes doing both because we still must do the work even if we do not submit the return.  So why pay TravelTax and someone else to do the same work?

IRS rules limit temporary assignments to less than 12 months in any one metropolitan area, consecutively or non-consecutively. Though you may have treaty protection, your temporary status for deductible living expenses may cease. You may go to another part of the country, but you cannot remain in the same area. The only exception to this rule is a situation where the hospital itself provides housing on their campus – not an off-site apartment AND it is a requirement of your employment.


Departure Return Timeline: 2 to 3 months approximately

  1. Fill out workbook, Canadian Supplement & Questionnaire & send to us with tax documents
  2. Fill out Power of Attorney form if necessary
  3. We will contact you to schedule appointment
  4. We will upload your Canadian return for you to print, sign & send to us
  5. We will mail Canadian return with departure date
  6. We will file forms T1161 & T1135 if necessary before April 30th
  7. We will file your US return
  8. We will send your invoice


Departure/ITIN Return Timeline: 4 to 9 months approximately (longest delay is in ITIN office)

  1. Fill out workbook,  Canadian Supplement & Questionnaire & send to us with tax documents & send to us with tax documents
  2. Fill out Power of Attorney form if necessary
  3. We will contact you to schedule appointment
  4. We will upload your Canadian return for you to print, sign & send to us
  5. We will mail Canadian return with departure date
  6. We will file forms T1161 & T1135 if necessary before April 30th
  7. Make ITIN appointment with either:
    • Consulate of your nation or IRS office (preferable)
      • Go to appointment with form W7 & supporting documents
  8. We will file your US return
  9. Wait…and wait some more…
  10. Once the ITIN is issued we will file the state returns
  11. We will send your invoice

Our Canadian Return Filing Process


Fill Out Canadian Workbook & Upload to our Portal

Please fill out and send your Canadian workbook, travel contracts, driver’s license, voided check (or bank account info) to us via:

Upload: Client Portal

Our documents team will process your paperwork in the order received (please give us a week to process) and will email you to let you know if we received and/or are missing any documents.

First time clients: Upload via the Guest Exchange option on the portal until given a personal portal account by us after tax appointment.

Returning clients: Login to your portal to upload your documents.  If you have forgotten your password, just click on forgot username/ password!

Fax: 1-877-872-8829


TravelTax, LLC

46 Saint Mark Road

Taylors, SC 29687


Fill out Power of Attorney Form

A Power of Attorney Form 2848 (POA) is needed in order to request your IRS transcript, which is required by CRA to validate foreign tax credits.  The POA could be processed in a couple of weeks but during COVID it has taken longer.

The POA only gives TravelTax authorization to receive confidential information from the IRS for the tax year(s) indicated.  Without this information from your IRS transcript and proof of filing for states, the CRA will deny your foreign tax credits (until we can submit it to them).  We find it is a lot cleaner exchange if we wait for this information before we submit the Canadian returns to CRA (means a little delay in sending the CRA returns, but a lot less headaches when you panic because you got a letter of assessment that does not show the foreign tax credits!)


We Will Contact You to Schedule Appointment

Our documents team will process your paperwork within 24 to 72 business hours and email you to let you know if we received and/or are missing any documents.

Once your file is ready with all the required documents, our admin staff will email you to let you know we are ready to schedule your phone tax appointment, unless if you opted to prepare your return as an email return. Please check your spam/junk folder if you have not seen an email from us!

Phone Appointment clients: New client appointments can vary from 30 minutes to an hour; returning client appointments are usually 30 minutes.

Email Return clients: (Only available to returning clients)  If you selected to file your return via email, you will not have a phone appointment scheduled.  Instead, Joseph or his assistant, Tim, will email you to start your return.


We Will Upload Your Returns for You To Sign

We will upload your US, state, and Canadian returns to our secure Client Portal for you to review, PRINT, sign and send back to us as required.

If you have additional forms such as an FBAR, 3520, etc., those will be also be uploaded for you to review, PRINT, sign and send back to us as required.


We Will File Your US Return & Additional Filings

We can electronically file most US & state returns (though some states don’t allow foreign addresses so those returns must be mailed).

If you had an FBAR, 3520, etc. those may have to be mailed also.

You can see where you are at in the process or check on your US refund status on the IRS website.

To check on a US state refund, go to that state’s department of revenue website to check refund status.


Wait…and Wait Some More…

This is the not-so-fun part! Waiting on the power of attorney, ITIN, IRS transcript and additional forms could take additional time. With COVID and staffing shortages, the delays at the IRS have increased. (See explanation above for why we need to wait for these things).



We Will Mail Canadian Returns

We will then mail your tax return to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) for you.  Many clients cannot e-file their Canadian return as the CRA prefers for all documentation to be sent it at once, rather than piecemeal.

Please be aware: Due to international mailing delays, it could take up to a month for the CRA to receive your mailed in return (even though we always send it via Registered Mail).  We will provide you with the mail tracking number for you to check on the status.


We Will Send Your Invoice

Our billing staff will send your invoice after you have had your tax appointment with our tax preparer.