Preparer Consult

(Not a Consult to Prepare Your Tax Return)

What it is 

  • It is a consult to answer general tax questions in addition to Canadian/cross border issues, starting an LLC, retirement funds (ROTH/Traditional IRAs), estates, wills, trusts and to make sure you are doing things correct tax wise!

What it’s not

  • It’s not a consult to prepare your tax return.

How to schedule a preparer consult

  • Pay fee below ($75 for 30 minutes)
  • Call our office at 402-379-7818 to schedule your consult (we are in Eastern Time Zone)

If you have brief questions that can be answered via email, please email but if it requires a phone call, a consult will have to be scheduled due to how busy our preparers are during tax season. Remember, this preparer consult is not to file your tax return!

Note: If no payment has been made prior to the preparer consult, your appointment will be canceled. If you must cancel your preparer consult appointment, due to high demand, please do so with at least a 48-hour notice. If not canceled 48 hours prior to appointment, the fee is nonrefundable.