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Confused about traveler taxes? Don’t know where to start filing a cross-border or international return? Look no further! We are here to help! Please review our process below to get started!

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Our Filing Process


Fill Out Workbook & Send Us Your Tax Documents

You may send documents to us via:

  • Secure Client Portal
  • Fax: 1-877-872-8829 or
  • Mail:  TravelTax, LLC, 46 Saint Mark Road, Taylors, SC 29687

2021 Workbook will be available soon (pending tax law changes!)


We Will Contact You to Schedule Appointment (Unless If You Opted for an Email Return)

Our documents team will process your paperwork and our admin staff will contact you via email/phone to schedule your tax appointment. 

If you selected to file your return via email, you will not have a phone appointment scheduled.  Instead, a staff member will contact you via email to get your return started.


Sign Your Tax Return to Authorize Us to File It

Without your review, consent and signature, we cannot electronically file or mail in your tax return!

You will be instructed to go to our Secure Client Portal to electronically sign your tax return. If for some reason you are unable to electronically sign your return, we can upload signature pages which you can download, print and sign and upload to us on our portal.


We Will Send Your Invoice After Appointment

Our billing staff will send your invoice after you have had your tax appointment with our preparer whether over the phone or via email.

TravelTax Guarantee: Our pricing includes the guarantee that anything we sign we defend (if you are a current client and need audit representation for a return we prepared, we will represent you free of charge.)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many individuals that have put off filing returns for years. Eventually, it catches up to you especially if the taxing agencies calculate a tax delinquency based on their own data, or you hold a professional practice license that requires the filing of a return. We can help work with you on this.  Stop avoiding the issue and let us help you get it cleaned up!

The IRS will typically send a letter asking for a filing and if no response is made, will file a return for the taxpayer based on a married filing separate or single filing status. No refunds are issued – that requires a filed return, but any delinquencies that the IRS calculates will be pursued. This is where most back filers find themselves when they come to us.

The attack plan is to file a return. That sounds simple but it can become complex when there are no records or W2’s. The IRS can provide the information that they have, but many states do not keep a record of income and withholding that would be found on your W2. Many individuals who have not filed and have large amounts due ask whether that can make an offer to settle their taxes at an amount less than the amount of the delinquency. The IRS has strict guidelines for this, but you must have all the returns filed before this can be pursued.

We defend any return we prepare free of charge. Any penalties or interest that are due to our mistakes, we pay. Our integrity is our most valued asset. You won’t find many tax offices like that!

As a side note, we also keep copies of everything you send us in PDF format. In the event of an audit, we will have most of the information we need. In the event that you have all of your records lost or destroyed, we can give you copies of all of your returns, old W2s, etc., free of charge.

Feel free to schedule a tax home consult as it will more than likely be the most beneficial to do! Go to our home page and click “Schedule a Tax Home Consult”

Those online software programs depend on the knowledge of whomever is inputting information. If you are well versed in preparing multistate returns, how state credits and tax home works, then go for it. If you are unsure, I would let the professionals file your return!

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