Tax Home Consult

The tax home consult was developed to meet the needs of travelers who want to make sure they are maintaining their tax home. Remember that tax home issues can create a major tax liability if not handled correctly.

International/Canadian tax home clients: After paying the fee below, please CALL US TO SCHEDULE YOUR TAX HOME CONSULT at 402-379-7818 and do not schedule online. This is to ensure your appointment is scheduled with the correct person.

US tax home clients: After paying the fee below you may schedule your tax home consult via our online scheduler.

Please be aware:

  • If no payment has been made prior to tax home consult appointment, your appointment will be canceled.
  • If you make a payment under a different name, please let us know to avoid your tax home consult being canceled.
  • If you must cancel your tax home consult appointment, please do so with a 48-hour notice and let us know so we can refund you.
  • If your tax home consult is not canceled 48 hours prior to appointment, the tax home consult fee is nonrefundable.
  • If you need to schedule a tax home consult ASAP due to signing a travel contract, call us at 402-379-7818 so we can book you sooner.
  • Due to high demand in tax home consults, we ask that you only call if this is the case.
  • We appreciate every one of you and will do our best to accommodate you!
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