Category: Stimulus Checks

  • New COVID Tax Changes!! (American Rescue Plan)
    For updates about recent COVID tax law changes regarding unemployment, healthcare credits, child tax credit, dependent care, student loan debt forgiveness, stimulus checks and extensions, watch this video!
  • The Payroll Tax Deferral – Just a Short-Term Loan
    Recently, the President signed an Executive Order allowing deferral of Social Security taxes starting with pay periods on or after September 1, 2020 until the last pay period ending December […]
  • Another Deadline Extension???
    We have already had one, but one of the proposals for the next stimulus bill is to extend the filing deadline to September 15 or even December 15 Here is […]
  • Where is My Stimulus Check?
    You’re probably wondering when your stimulus check is arriving even though you have updated your checking account information at Get My Payment Tool. (use this if you haven’t already) Click […]
    Ahhhhhh- felt so good to say that! Our phone and email inbox are being flooded by panicking herds with reactions ranging from surprise to serious accusations of negligence! MY REFUND […]
  • IRS Tracker for Stimulus Checks
    Stimulus checks are rolling out this week, some even today! Haven’t received yours yet? Wondering when you will get your IRS Stimulus payment? Click on IRS link below! IRS Tracker […]
  • What is the Economic Stimulus Payment?
    Confused about all the news about the Economic Stimulus Payment (Stimulus Check)?Watch this video to clarify any of those concerns!
  • A Short Overview of the Stimulus Payments
    Stimulus Checks will be issued soon, and our office has received several calls concerning the when, how and why. Here is what you need to know: The stimulus payment is […]
  • Helpful Articles on the Stimulus
    Below are links to two helpful articles regarding the stimulus This one is a calculator to determine how much you will get. You will need your most recently filed return […]