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  • New COVID Tax Changes!! (American Rescue Plan)
    For updates about recent COVID tax law changes regarding unemployment, healthcare credits, child tax credit, dependent care, student loan debt forgiveness, stimulus checks and extensions, watch this video!
  • Really Dumb Tax Articles
    I have been reading articles like the one linked below and it reminds me yet again, how really ignorant the media is about taxes (or anything else requiring some thought). […]
  • You Tube – Episode 2 – Taxes in Multiple States
    We have loaded Episode 2 to our You Tube Channel!
  • Thought the Healthcare Insurance Mandate was done? If you are a resident of California, this is for you….
    Click here for information about California Individual Health Care Mandate:
  • YouTube Channel – Episode 1 – Welcome!
    Please look at the first episode/installment of our YouTube channel. Let us know in the comments what you want to see.  Be sure to subscribe! Episode 1 – TravelTax Welcome
  • State Tax Residency – How Serious Is It?
    Since many of our clients are multi-state professionals, we go out of our way to stress how states are extremely aggressive in residency audits and how serious the state tax […]
  • Ranking of State Income Tax Rates
    This is a good ranking of state income tax rates. Note that this is only applicable to income tax vs. total taxes which would include property, sales, and other taxes. […]
  • First Wave of State Tax Return Changes
    The Federal tax overhaul changed the landscape for many state returns as they pull for items on the federal return. NY will now allow State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions […]
  • The Oregon Trail Leads to a Cliff
    Two recent tax related cases were decided and happened to be printed on the same newswire. One a Federal case that was on appeal and the other an Oregon state […]
  • State Tax Residency Cases-Indiana Style
    The title is a bit misleading and purposeful as this really doesn’t add to the body of knowledge for state tax residency rules. However, it reinforces the basis by which most […]
  • Yet Again, Another State Residency Case
    Since we specialize in multi-state client situations, it is no surprise that we are a bit anal about residency issues. On the heels of the UT case we posted recently […]
  • Another State Residency Case
    A recent UT tax case provides another example of how states determine residency and is of special interest to our clients who earn foreign income. The case involves an individual […]