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  • Understanding How This Tax Season is Different from All Others!
    TravelTax as well as thousands of other tax offices have been facing challenges this tax season with all the retroactive tax law changes thrown in mid March, deadline extensions, and […]
    Ahhhhhh- felt so good to say that! Our phone and email inbox are being flooded by panicking herds with reactions ranging from surprise to serious accusations of negligence! MY REFUND […]
  • Nice Try – Enjoy Your Audit in 2 Years
    With the removal of job expenses under tax reform I have seen this scheme just like I predicted after the new tax laws were passed. It’s summed up in one […]
  • Creative Record Keeping
    In a December 2017 tax court case in Canada, the taxpayer was asked to supply documentation for his expenses. The court record states: …..In the course of the audit of […]
  • Student Loans and Tuition Tax Credits/Deductions
    One thing I have never understood is why some clients believe they cannot claim tuition on their tax return if they receive the funds from student loans. At the same time, they will […]
  • Digress to a Rant #1
    Digress to a Rant #1 It amazes me that some people like working as an independent contractor because “they don’t take taxes out” ……… That euphoria ends when I have to tell them […]
  • Basic Tax Math – Pt. 2 – Big Refund Promises??
    No – I don’t make convincing commercials like this for clients I once drove by a tax preparation office in the suburbs of a large city giving away free leather […]
  • Basic Tax Math – Pt. 1
    Its too complicated!