Canadian/Cross-Border Consult

What it is

The Canadian/Cross-Border phone consult was developed to meet the needs of Canadian and Cross-Border travelers/non-travelers alike who have questions. Whether you are working temporarily, moving or doing business across the border, there is plenty to consider.

What it’s not

  • It’s not a consult to prepare your Canadian/Cross-Border tax return.

To setup your 45 minute Canadian/Cross-Border phone consult, please pay fee below. After paying fee below, please call us to schedule your phone consult at 402-379-7818.

Please be aware:

  • If no payment has been made prior to consult appointment, your appointment will be canceled.
  • If you make a payment under a different name, please let us know to avoid your consult being canceled.
  • If you must cancel your consult appointment, please do so with a 48-hour notice and let us know to refund you.
  • If your consult is not canceled 48 hours prior to appointment, the consult fee is nonrefundable.
  • We appreciate every one of you and will do our best to accommodate you!
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Fill Out Consult Questionnaire

Also please fill out your Consult Questionnaire and send to us via the Client Portal.  This is to help streamline your Canadian/Cross-Border consult appointment. Fill out what you know, skip anything that does not apply. We recognize that some of these issues are the very things you want to talk about. Answer those questions with a “?.”

Consult Questionnaire