Donna Robinson – Operations Manager

Donna has a degree in Business Finance with a minor in French from Bob Jones University. She started her career working as an executive for a multi-state retail store for 3 years before entering the fundraising industry helping raise the necessary funds for schools and civic groups as an area sales representative. She was a consultant in the insurance field for over 18 years advising business clients and their employees (in 4 states and DC) on benefit issues and compliance issues. She left that position to pursue her project management certifications.

In 2018 she joined TravelTax as the Operations Manager. She knew that it would be an exciting project to help move TravelTax from Nebraska to South Carolina and set up new operations systems and procedures, but it has turned into a much bigger opportunity. Donna loves working with our staff and clients and is motivated to fulfill the company’s vision of helping our medical, cross -border, and international travelers. She loves spending time with her entire family including her sons, grand-kids, twin sister and their families.

Donna’s hobbies include camping, reading, dancing, beach trips, and most recently scuba diving. She loves keeping busy with work, her family and her hobbies. She believes that healthy relationships are the key to a successful life.