Comprehensive Links to the Class Action Suits Regarding OT Inclusion of per diems

class-action-lawsuit.jpgA number or readers have asked me for this:

There are 3 class action suits with healthcare staffing firms and 1 trucking firm, each seeking to have the OT rate include the hourly taxable + hourly equivalent per diem. The premise for this is that some of the agencies in the class pay or penalize per diem by the hour.

Just because an agency is named in the suit does NOT mean that every agency listed is at fault. Dragging in some deep pockets is great marketing but merely that. Also beware of the hype when these suits are published. Instead of focusing on the issue, promoters will embellish the facts to lead a reader to believe that there is some universal injustice that needs to be corrected.

2018.02.17 Docket

2018.08 Denial of summary Judgement

Class Action Fastaff

ARN vs