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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain







Here you will find a link to products, books and web sites that we have found to be helpful to the mobile professional. We provide these links in the interest of making the mobile lifestyle easier, their value is determined by you. If you are aware of other web sites or products feel free to email us, and once reviewed, we will post them.


TMPC is organized and operated by fellow travelers who understand the needs of other travelers. It has no affiliation with any travel nurse company in order to maintain complete independence. TravelTax is there every year, teaching about tax issues as they pertain to travelers. It is fun for us to get to actually meet some of our clients! Click the button for their site.

Continuing Education for Health Professionals: As a traveler, you will probably be needing a good online source for youe CEUs. ATrain has been the company that has worked with the The Travelers Conference to make the CEUs available for the attendees,

A good chat spot for travelers. Large volume of daily posts.
At the home page, search for "travel nurse" there are several travel forums to choose from.

CHARITABLE DONATIONS. This will link to one of their donation value pages. They have multiple sites, so if you cannot fnd what you need on this list, google around a bit to find another list.

Here is a direct link to the current GSA tables. On thatpage you will also find ad for a downloadable app that they have available.

A Travel Blog written by a long term travel nurse, filled with good information, especially for new travelers.


Highway Hypodermics by Epstein LaRue
There is no end in sight for the nursing shortage. As the need for nurses grows, so does the usage of traveling nurses. Only through education can these nurses be properly prepared for their next travel nursing assignment.

Hitting the Road by Shalon Kearney
Brief, up-to-date resource and new career guide... written in a friendly and approachable manner by a travel nursing veteran. (Amazon link)

Neat Receipts Scanner
There is also a Desktop Version of Neat Receipts. The included software can read the receipts and send them to the program of your choice. Its a small enough scanner to fit in a purse,  link to your computer, and powered by an USB adapter.
TravelTax is a registered affiliate of Neat Receipts.


The NuNomad by Carmen Bolaños and Richard Hamel
Your guide for what it takes to travel the world and support yourself in the process... step-by-step.

Click to link for book and NuNomad community web site


A site of special interest to Canadian travelers.


The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers is the national association for traveling healthcare professionals. They are the voice and advocate for healthcare travelers in the U.S.


TravelTax is a registered affiliate of Intuit.
CHARITABLE DONATIONS. This will link to one of their donation value pages. They have multiple sites, so if you cannot fnd what you need on this list, google around a bit to find another list.

Travel Nurse Insights by Barry W. Padgett with Donna E. Padgett, RN, BSN, Traveler - A Window to the World of Travel Nursing.

Travel Nurse's Bible by David Morrison, RN
A guide to everything on Travel Nursing. More specifically, the Travel Nurse’s Bible is the culmination of over a decade of experience in the field of travel nursing.

A "one-stop-shop" for all travelers.
Travel Nursing: Your Ultimate Guide by Katherine Frederick
Features countless tips and clues to help you navigate all the most important facets of the profession. (Amazon link)
An unusual way to get CEUs. Go to costa Rica and get 20 CEUs on completing a basic health history and assessment for the Spanish speaking client.

A social network for travelers.
Forums, blogs, reviews and advice.