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October Hours:

Mon-Thurs 8am - 4pm
Friday 8am - 3pm
Central Standard Time




PHONE 402.379.7818
 (toll free, even from Canada and the Caribbean)
Skype number = traveltax

877.872.8829   (This is a toll-free number!)

Don't go somewhere and pay money to fax us information. You should be able to use this at work. Also, our fax is virtual. When you fax something to us, it gets converted into a PDF file and sent to our computers as an email. It takes about 15 min to be converted. The good news is that we can never run out of paper!

      For US Postal service PO Box 1643 - Norfolk, NE, 68702
      For UPS, Fed Ex
1611 Koenigstein - Norfolk, NE, 68701

For all general queries. Emails received get reviewed and distributed to the appropriate person.  
To send your tax documents.
Sorry, too many people would send everything to him, this will send you via instead. If it is something he needs to answer personally, he will.