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Tax Preparation - US, Canada and International - A Division of  Joseph C Smith  Tax Consultants

"Trying to do your own taxes is like a do-it-yourself mugging."




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We understand that to some, entrusting a company with your personal information without a face to face meeting, can require a leap of faith. That's okay, our feelings are not hurt. Here is an outline of our process so you know what to expect. Be reassured, we complete over 1000 returns a year, and have never lost a file. (Put it down to everyone we hire being a little OCD.) Many of our clients even stay with us after they have settled down to permanent jobs.

Beneficial Trivia:
Keep copies of your return WITH YOUR RECEIPTS AND DOCUMENTS, for 7 years. The IRS does not usually audit a return until 2 years after it was filed, and if they find reason, they can open it up to the 3 years prior.

Travelers, keep your contracts as well, to prove that you were away from home on assignment.

In case of an audit, anything and everything in our workbook will require receipts or logs.


 Our Fees. 

These are our rates starting Jan, 2nd 2015. The new Healthcare reporting regulations are going to require much more work for on our part. - It is making us feel like we are in a horror film: Standing in a dark hall with strange sounds coming from the the room at the end. And we are stretching out our hand to open the door... (Yikes!)

If you have any other questions about other fees, please call us or use the Ask Us a Question link in the upper left.

Traveler: Federal Return
(includes: 1040, Sch A, calculating the 2106, and supporting documents)
Non-traveler: Federal Return
(includes: 1040, Sch A, and supporting documents)
$ 191
If Spouse also takes travel assignments: (contracts, expenses, per diems, etc)
$ 25
Federal Schedule C or E (price depends on complexity)
$ 50
State Returns (price per state return, including USVI)
(over 5 states, we take pity, call us to discuss)
$ 55
State Zero Return (no income, filling for licensing purposes)
$ 10
Local return / School District return (each)
$ 21
Puerto Rico Return (depending on complexity)
$ 150-200
Canadian Cross-border T1
$ 150
Canadian Cross-border T1 with second spousal T1
Canadian Cross-border T1 with Quebec (spouse T1 add $50)
$ 200
Amended returns
Shoe box charge - Rarely used. For the person that literally send us all of their receipts and we have to go through them, sort and total amounts. (Hint. Hint.)
$ 60/hr
 Find your correct workbook, print, and fill it out.                                           (click to open)

Sorry, we know that it looks intimidating, but it is really not that bad. Most of the pages/boxes will be left blank, because they don't apply. Some of the pages have instructions, we have even put a fax cover sheet to make it easier.

Pages 2-7 must be complete by everyone. Pages 8+, only need to be sent if you filled them out. Time has taught us that this extensive of a workbook is necessary to make sure we don't miss anything. The worst part is for a traveler to fill out their assignments. It is not easy to recreate what you did 12+ months ago! The only consolation is that for next year, you can download an organizer and fill it out through the year. These sheets are there to help pull your information together. You can write notes, comments, questions, even add separate question pages.

Remember, we defend any return we prepare. There is a reason we are so careful with accuracy. Not many tax offices will personally defend your return.

 Send us your workbook with copies of your other financial documents                                
Your documents can be sent to us by email, leapfile upload, snail mail or fax. Most of our clients fax their documents because it is convenient. Our fax is toll free, and can be used in the US, Canada, and Caribbean. This allows you to use it at work (especially convenient for those working night shifts). Don't go to a place that charges you per page! If that is your only option, drop it into a priority mail envelope and we will get it in a few days. By the way, the fax is virtual. It takes the fax, and converts it to a PDF file that we save into our system. So there is no such thing as the fax running out of paper. (It also takes about 15 min to be converted, so if you want to call us and make sure we got it, give us a time cushion first.)
 We will acknowledge receipt within 24 hrs of the next business day during the tax season.
Give us to the 48 hours in the off season.
 We then review your information and enter the data.
Depending on the place we are in tax season, we will contact you to call us and set up an appointment. This takes 1-6 days, depending on whether it is the peak of the rush. If we find essential information missing, we may contact you via email or phone, whichever you prefer.
You call us and set up an appointment.
It will then be up to you to contract us during business hours. M-F 8am-5pm CST. We will set you up with a 30-60 min appointment. (We schedule all new clients for 60 min.) Have your copies of the workbook with you. Joe is very flexible with his scheduling. Evening and Saturday appointments are available.
 You return will not get finalized until after that phone appointment.

This is the question and answer time. We will clarify what information we need and it is your chance to ask questions. Our goal is to always save you time, money and hassle in the future by looking at your big picture, and not just this year's return.

We call it "tax preparation with a brain."

 Copies of the return will be emailed via secure file transfer (or snail mailed if you prefer).
Look over everything and make sure we did not goof on something. (We regret to say it does happen, as much as we try not to.)
 Review the return, sign the consent forms, and return them to us OR follow any other instructions we give.

At this point, we only need those consents to be signed and returned. The rest of the forms are for you to keep for your records.

But - depending on the particular states you need to file in, or the rare other circumstance, you may not be eligible to efile and the returns must be paper mailed. (If you have a good printer, we can send it PDF) If we physically mail it to you it will come neatly clipped together with "sign here" stickers and envelopes.

 We will acknowledge receipt of your signature(s) within 24 hrs of the next business day.

Or 48 hrs in the post-season.

If you are getting a Federal refund directly deposited, we will let you know the expected date of the deposit.

 We will efile your returns.
Please note: We cannot efile your return until we have the signed consents, it's a legal thing. And until it is efiled, it is not finished. (It seems silly to write that, but it is amazing how many individuals do everything but send us the consent forms.
 Then you can pay us ! ! !

We will email you an invoice in a day or two. The bill can be paid: on line, you can send a check, call us with credit card info, or use PayPal. We allow 30 days for payment, so if you need to wait until you get your refund, that's ok, we trust you!

Now do you trust us?.......

 Additional services, including corporate returns

Estimated Payment Services - If you are self employed, or have income from multiple sources and expect to be required to make estimated tax payments, we can help with reminders, calculating payments, and emailing you the payment voucher. Costs: Current clients $35/quarter; Non-clients $50/quarter

Corporate Returns, Estates, Trusts, etc., call for fees: 402.379.7818

 Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us; therefore we have adopted the following Privacy Policy to demonstrate our commitment to its protection.

We collect non public personal information about you from various sources, including the following:
    - Information we receive from our interviews with you regarding your tax situation;
    - Information we receive from you on applications, organizers, or by other means, such as your
      name address, telephone numbers, Social Security number, dependents, income and other
      tax related data;
    - Information from tax-related documents you provide us that are required to process your tax
      return, such as Forms W-2, 1099R, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, stock transactions, etc.

We do not disclose any non public personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as requested by them, or as required by law.

We restrict access to non public personal information about you, to those employees who need to know such information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your non public personal information.

If you have nay questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.